Peter Jackson

Peter Jackson: Why Rhys Thomas is rooting for US star to win Open

When Erik Compton walks onto the first tee at the Open Golf Championship next week, a Welsh international front row forward will be with..

July 18, 2014 with 0 Comments

Peter Jackson: The eternal debate: King John or Benny?

The surest way to start an argument in any clubhouse  is to ask one question and then step smartly out of the firing line: Barry John or..

July 10, 2014 with 0 Comments

Peter Jackson: Gerald Davies jinks in to put the record straight

Gerald Davies managed many an electrifying move in his time but none more so than the one that took him centre stage in Port Talbot last..

June 30, 2014

Peter Jackson: Sorry Wales, but this is becoming inexcusable

And so for all their big-game heroics by the banks of the Crocodile River, somehow it still ended in tears as it always does in South..

June 27, 2014

Peter Jackson: Greatest Lions of all miss their lost mates 

At a push, they could pass for a platoon of D-Day veterans rather than the only rugby team to survive three months in the African jungle...

June 20, 2014

Peter Jackson’s verdict: Willie-o-the-wisp leads Wales up garden path

Wales were shaking their heads in bewildered search of some explanation for their torment when Willie le Roux rather let the cat out of the..

June 19, 2014

Peter Jackson: Victor Matfield’s return can help Wales come good

Wales made their first stand in the Southern Hemisphere 50 years ago in the place they used to call the last outpost of the British Empire..

June 13, 2014

Peter Jackson: Willie John’s Lions are dwarfed by Toulon titans

When the Lions secured their only series win against New Zealand in 1971, they did so with a pack averaging 15 stone-a-man.  Back then..

June 6, 2014

Peter Jackson: Yes, it all goes South when we head South

Every June the home countries fly south of the Equator in a battered state of semi-resignation to what awaits them. Almost as a matter of..

May 30, 2014

Peter Jackson: Warren Gatland’s Law takes a mauling from WRU!

Warren Gatland made a strange announcement last Tuesday over the resurrection of the Welsh trial match, buried long ago with other..

May 23, 2014

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