Shane Williams to carry on in Japan

Shane Williams has revealed he will be returning to Japan to play a second season with the Mitsubishi Dynaboars.

Talking to the Rugby Nation radio show, the Welsh winger confirmed he will extend his contract with the Japanese side and postponed his retirement once again.

After a 11-year career on the International stage, Williams became Wales’ all time leading try scorer crossing the whitewash 60 times in his 91 Test caps.

Speaking to the show’s host and former Ospreys head coach Sean Holley, Williams explained: “I’ve decided to go back for another season.

“I’m enjoying the other side of it as well – I’m doing a bit of coaching out there.. when they actually do listen to what I’ve got to say!

“I’m managing to keep up with the guys, the body’s feeling really good at the moment and I’m looking forward to going back”.

“The Japanese work culture is just amazing, they can keep going and going and it’s the same on the field.

“I’m chasing shadows half the time they’re so fit – that’s one of the things that’s tough out there.. but having said that, I’m bigger than half of them so I can physically dominate them as well.”

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