Six Nations: Where Should You Go For the Best Experience?

There’s an incredible problem for fans when it comes to the Six Nations – just which matches do you buy tickets for? Most of us can’t afford the price of travel to every one of our country’s matches, so if you do plan to cough up cash for an away game, you’re going to want to choose the best stadium to travel to. But how do you know which games are going to be the most exciting? The guys at bwin have put together this infographic on the Six Nations stadiums to see which ones are the best value for money and which hold the most exciting games historically. Here are some of the highlights:

Murrayfield, Scotland

If you’re conscious about not spending too much money, then a trip to Scotland might be one to keep in mind. Here you’ll find the cheapest beer prices (£7.60 for two pints) and the cheapest travel cards. Hotel and food prices came in 3rd cheapest too. However, if it’s an exciting game you’re looking for, Murrayfield scored poorly overall with few points and tries scored per game, few cards shown and just one championship having been decided in the Scottish capital.

Total Cost = £140.00

Aviva Stadium, Ireland

Much like Scotland, the Irish stadium scored very poor overall when it came to points, tries and cards. Yet the Aviva Stadium easily beats Scotland for excitement as 42% of it matches came down to 7 or fewer points. The Irish stadium also ranked 3rd for the most championships decided and greatest number of Grand Slams completed. Price wise, Ireland has the cheapest hotels at around £62 and scored averagely on other costs.

Total Cost = £139.97

Principality Stadium, Wales

Overall, the Welsh stadium ranked as the most exciting stadium to visit for games. This was largely due to the fact the Principality Stadium ranked 1st for number of cards shown, number of championships decided and Grand Slams completed. For prices, Wales ranked top 3 in every cost for the day making it very good value for the most exciting venue.

Total Cost = £145.20

Twickenham, England

If you like a high-scoring game, then Twickenham should be your first choice. The English stadium ranked first for both average points scored per match and average tries per match. But, the stadium scored low in the ranks for cards shown, close matches and Grand Slams completed. It is also the most expensive stadium to visit, ranking 6th in everything bar hotel prices where it ranked 5th.

Total Cost = £179.00

Stade de France, France

If you’re looking for an exciting game, then France should be high on your list. The French stadium came joint-first with Ireland for the number of close matches of 7 points or fewer being 42%. It also came joint rank 1st with the Principality Stadium for the number of Grand Slams completed and second for number of championships decided. Bear in mind though, France makes for a pricey trip overall, but its cheap dining out does save it from being the most expensive overall.

Total Cost = £176.58

Stadio Olimpico, Italy

Similar to Twickenham, if you like high-scoring games then the Stadio Olimpico ranks in second with an average of 46.6 points per game. Less exciting though, the Italian stadium ranked low for Grand Slams completed, championships decided and close games. It is a lovely country to visit though, and with fairly average prices, it makes for a good stadium to visit. Especially if you combine it with a mini-break in Rome.

Total Cost = £147.10