Twickenham’s debenture holders in World Cup row

Twickenham StadiumTwickenham debenture holders are furious that they will not be guaranteed seats at the 2015 Rugby World Cup.

Chief executive Ian Ritchie this week sent a letter to them all explaining  that due to  tournament hosting requirements set by RWC Limited, the RFU are unable to offer the usual guarantees over seat allocations.

Disgruntled fan Michael Day who has held a debenture for 19 years told The Rugby Paper: “Me and my friends assumed we would be allocated tickets but it looks like we won’t be now. Why do we buy the debentures in the first place?

“I’ve been a debenture holder for 19 years. The original debenture was £1,100, the second, which expires next year, was just over £4,400. And I’m  aware  that  the current price in the South Stand is £7,500 per ticket.

“I’m sure by the time we get to 2015 it will go up substantially because of the World Cup.

“The RFU are in for a bit of a shock here. I won’t be renewing and I’ve spoken to six of my colleagues who are also, like me, up in arms about it.

“At the moment the debenture gives me the right to buy a ticket for any match at Twickenham.

“But it looks as if we are going to be denied that – which, aside from being allowed into the debenture bar, is the one and only thing the debenture provides – you have to buy tickets on top, with no discount. The latest price for the Six Nations next year is £98 a ticket.”



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6 thoughts on “Twickenham’s debenture holders in World Cup row

  1. Derrick Lloyd

    Disgusted at the way we have been treated. 3 debenture seats in the West stand costing 7k each in 2009/10 and still not allowed to use them for the World Cup!
    Action must be taken!

  2. David Chamberlain

    Recent debentures restrict tickets to matches which are “organised and controlled by the RFU”. Earlier debentures, such as my South Stand ones which give ticket rights to any rugby union match at Twickenham up to 31 August 2016, do not include this restriction. So they should include RWC matches, but the RFU have told me they won’t. We need a campaign group to challenge the RFU on this.

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